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Grand Prize!!
Samson Harness

The St. Louis County Fair Draft Horse Pull will be on Saturday August 2, 2003, approximatly 7p.m.  Samson Harness Shop and the St. Louis County Fair are donating a harness for the grand prize.  The harness is a No. 196-N3 Leather Parade-Style Team Harness.
The harness includes:
                       *Three-strap breeching
                       *Box-loop up tugs
                       *Buckle covers on the hip straps
                       *Stamped designed leather loops
                       *Chrome spotted
                                        Retail Value is over $3000.00
The harness does not include collars.
The picture seen here is similar to the harness being given away.
St Louis County Fair Grounds are next to Ironworld across Hwy 169 from Chisholm MN. 



Entry fee is $25.00.
Entries will be limited to 30 teams so sign up early!
Light weight teams must have current weight slip.
Stalling available with early notice.
Current coggins (in Minnesota is good for one year).
Out of state must have veterinary health certificate.
Keep your eye here for the rules.  I will be adding more information as we get closer to the pull date!

Call for more information
Ed Nelson 1-218-262-4686

Hope to see you there, as a participant or spectator!!

Picture from the Samson Harness Catalog.