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The Forest History Center  address is 2609 Co. Rd. 76 Grand Rapids, MN 55744  Phone number 1-218-327-4482. 


In March we hauled wood in from around the camp.  Of course the first place that was stocked with fire wood was the cook shack.  They also stocked up wood for the blacksmith, bunk house, and the merchant shop. 

This wood is going to the cook shack.
They always made sure the cook had enough wood!

Haflingers are getting more popular.
They can get the job done too.

Astro and Spud are Haflingers a small draft breed.
Backing in to hook up to another load of logs.

Pictures were taken at the Forest History Center.  Thankyou to the Forest History Center and their volunteers for another great day.   Thank you to Steve Heinrich for suppling some of the pictures to make this page possible.

A few of the volunteers that keep the FHC going.
Thank you!

Click here to find more information on the Forest History Center.