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Northstar Draft Horse Association Inc.

Our Third Annual Draft Horse Show

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We will be hosting our Third Annual draft horse show June 11th and 12th 2005.  Saturday will be the Draft, Mule, Light horse and Pony halter classes.  
Saturday classes will include Ride a Draft, Cart and Hitch classes, Farm Hitch, Log Skidding, Ground Driving and Farm Obstacle for Draft and Light horses collared harness must be used for Log Skidding class. 
Sunday  will be Pole Weaving, Rescue, Water Race, Ring toss and more watch for flyer.  Sundays classes will be open to light horses also.  All driving classes will include a youth lot.  There will be a $10.00 family membership fee to participate this covers the spectator insurance, exhibitors must have their own insurance for personal injury. 
Class entry fees are $3.00 per class for adults $2.00 for youth.
Stalling available.  For more info or a class list please call:
Jennifer Anderson  1-218-247-7753  
Kari Pechacek  1-218-638-2007 e-mail
Keri Heinrich 1-218-258-4268 e-mail
Bryan and Tracey Ross 1-218-245-1230  Stall reservations


We would like to thank all of our sponsers for making this show possible.


$100.00 Sponsors

$75.00 Sponsors

$50.00 sponsers

$25.00 sponsers